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For general questions please contact info@spacebikini.com

It Is A Free Community*
There is no cost to join to read, no cost to just read without joining, and no cost to upload your comics and have other people enjoy.

The goal is to use social funding to support artists' efforts in pursuit of their passion of creating web comics and other graphical forms of storytelling. Our shop will feature e-products produced by participating artists. We will provide our community content creators with tools to create & upload & sell their digital e-products. And audience members will earn access to e-products and real products through their participation level in the community.

Submission Guidelines
The current rule is that your content must be of the same standards you would expect to see if published in a national daily newspaper. Put your best foot forward. People will see and judge your work and if you place up work that doesn't meet the bar you will get less views and have less opportunities with social funding and building a loyal followship. If you believe in your work you should put it up even if it is in the rough stages, you can still gain a following and valuable feedback.  

Our editorial staffs will remove content that is not appropriate and if you violate the sensibility of the community you will be band as explained in the community agreement.

The community itself can flag images. However, the editorial staff will have the final say if a flagged image deserves to be removed or not.

The collective is not interested in being the grand censors; we believe that as an artist you have or can find a sensible voice that you will be proud to share.

In the next Beta release we will adhere to strict content ratings that the artists and community members will be the overseers. There will also be an underground section where you can find more freedom of visual expression. Those members of the audience and providers participating in the underground section will have a smaller audience (since it is a subset of the overall audience) but you might find more stiction for your work.

In the meantime remember that the content uploaded is for general eyes. Please refer to the community agreement during sign-up for guidelines on viewing and content sharing.

Be Inspired
Encourage the artists that have taken the time and effort to share with you.

You can currently encourage the artists by viewing their work regularly, adding them to your follow-list, voting on their comic strips, and leaving them constructive feedback.

Think you can do better? Great, then share! There is no division between the content sharers and viewers. If you are a viewer and feel like you can whip-up a comic strip that can entertain the community, please try it. Take a chance. The community is also to inspire everyone to achieve more. Fellow artists can see the progress of their peers and see the interest of audience members in their concepts. Audience members can get to see a variety of work and also be inspired in their own creative pursuits, even if those pursuits at first are just imaginative and exercising the brain.

Social Funding
Check back for more information before the launch of social funding. In this community viewers will be able to vote through donations to the artists. Artists will be able to cash in their donation on a fixed amount schedule. The community is seeking a 9% transaction fee on donations. This will mean that out of every 100 dollars an artist receives the community will receive 9 dollars. Besides operating cost we will take the donations and put part of the money back into angel funding (such as the [current] editorial pick opportunity $300 for best of 30).

We are looking for artists to not take a financial burden up-front by keeping it free to view and free to share. We also want to continue to be able to encourage the community through angel funding opportunities. The transaction fee goes towards this. If you never get any social funding then there is never a transaction fee. A user agreement and document will be sent out prior to the beginning of social funding.

The Daily Section
The daily section is selected by the editors as what they consider to be the best valued web comics. This is a decision based upon ongoing artistic efforts and what the editors feel will drive a returning audience or meet an immediate need keeping pace with topics that are current in the world.

To become part of the daily section you can apply by sending a note to info@spacebikini.com. It is a 3 month commitment to update your strip at least once a week. Towards the end of the 3 months the editors (and yourself) will review the success of your spot.

The daily section is the entrance way into the site and will be highly trafficked. The price of agreeing to the daily section is in a higher transaction fee when social funding begins. The normal transaction fee is 9% from donated funds, the transaction fee as long as you are in the daily section will be 18%... out of every 100 dollars you keep 82 dollars. The bringing in of higher expose and traffic to your web comic should balance this premium.

Why a higher transaction fee? One reason is that we want a commitment from serious artists willing to undertake this spot and updating of their strip at least on a weekly bases. On our end we will be pushing the daily spots in different ways, which takes more people power - press releases, social advertising, etc. When a strip is part of the daily spot we have a lot to do on our end to promote it. And the editorial staff will be focusing on the daily strips from analyzing data to sending priority comments to those artists who participate. From your view and our view we want the experience to be a successful.

No Ads
As part of the community you agree to no posting of ads. This excludes typing around the edges [gutters] of your strips URLs that further expand upon the strip; such as your website, your own store related to your strip, and social media links about your strip. The aforementioned is allowed.

This no ad clause is to deter any blatant posting of ads. We want viewers not to waste their time on this type of abuse. We do have advertising rules and if you have advertising needs contact us first and we can discuss fair terms. This is your community so please do not abuse it and ruin the opportunities it can provide you and others.

Write us.

:) :)