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More about Spacebikini Funding Opportunities

We are Free, Free, & Free. It is free to join, free to share (upload), and free to read. We provide artists with the content management system (CMS) to share and host their comic creations. We provide audience members a chance to enjoy their favorite artists or discover new ones. Through cross views of artists there is more opportunity for exposure and an artist picking up new fans and audience members to discover new artists to follow.

Angel Funding

Through-out the year Spacebikini will offer funding opportunities to artists. This will be in the form of editorial picks and other awards.

Raising Social (Angel) Funding

Much like PBS pledge drives we follow the same philosophy, we will let artists and audience members share and contribute for free. Our goal is to gain more exposure for artists while also making sure that the audience has an interesting and ongoing source of content within this genre. By not charging artists and viewers we are keeping the flow of creation of entertainment open and available to all.

Anyone can contribute to the angel fund by going to the estore (when opened) and purchasing products. When the estore launches in November it will be offering ebooks based upon artists who would like to submit their work to share in the ebook formats. Our goal is to expand our estore at the end of this year to including vinyl toys/plastic figures based upon their original characters and stories.

Participation in the estore is voluntary. All artists will have the tools to create their own ebooks (for iphone, ipods, ipads, and Kindle and Nook devices).

For products such as vinyl toys, the marketing and editorial staff will be contacting artists to select the first offerings. The creation of artists' vinyl toys is not cheap or quick. We will help select our offerings based upon community demand, potential to be successful translated from 2D art to 3D real-world product, and other factors. The overall goal is to make quality products that both audience and artists can be proud of. As the systems are put in place this offering will be expanded to more artists in the community.

If an artist can't wait to be selected, we are here to help them through the process. We are also looking into offering limited-produced prototypes through other methods to allow a more 1:1 creation of products.

When you contribute to the angel funding you will be eligible to receive different level of artists created products through the estore. A portion of proceeds from products selected will go directly back to that artists while proceeds will also go into angel funding the community and offering more opportunities for other emerging artists of the community.